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Xiaomi’Gold’ Phone @ 4.8 Lakhs

Xioami, a Chinese technology company that sells low-end smartphones with premium features, is set to make another buzz. The Limited Edition is based on the ‘Redmi K20 Pro’ model, which is the most expensive variant. Its cost is Rs.4.8 lakhs. It is made with a back panel made of gold. 100 grams of toddler used. 20 diamonds were inscribed on the letter ‘K’ on the panel. Only 20 pesos are made. They are manufactured in India. Not only is India unique. The panel was designed so that the panel could be disassembled from the phone.

Utilized donate money to charity ..
This variant has not yet decided whether or not to sell Xioami India MD Manu Kumar Jain told reporters here on Friday. “Whether to sell by invitation, give or give auction is not yet decided. Proceeds from the sale of these proceeds will go to social programs. The ‘K’ is printed on the back panel to mark the K20. Customers who are already interested are asked to print the first letter of their name instead of ‘K’.

Xioami is making and selling a wide range of products in China . Every product has to be customized to be introduced in India,” Manu Kumar said. They will be introduced here in a phased manner. Xioami said he was making shoes, t-shirts and fitness bands for the company and was consulting with several manufacturing companies across the country. Smartphones has seven manufacturing facilities in four parts of the country. It is capable of producing three phones per second. 


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