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If the days are running smoothly, there is some unhealthy problem in the middle. There is no change in daily exercise, eating food, exercise. Still, there is some unhealthy problem. Sudden changes are due to season change. Due to changes in the environment, the disease spreads rapidly over a period of one season and the next season. Now we are in that season. June started. Sunny is now falling down. The rainy season is coming. You should be careful.

All the difficulties that bring you this time are not all. Water can reach the ponds and drains. The mosquitoes also grow where the water is stored. There is something special about mosquitoes. If there are mosquitoes there are diseases. It’s hard to avoid mosquitoes during this period to keep your home surroundings clean. Especially fever caused by mosquitoes are dengue, typhoid.

Dengue is caused by Tiger Muskito. These mosquitoes grow well during the rainy season. That’s why you have a pain in the month of June, rheumatoid arthritis, skin rash and fever. ‘Viral infection’ Particular attention should be taken to avoid any small fever in the season switching period. Otherwise, the bleeding in the brain, the blood vessel damage and the liver germination may arise.

Precautions are
not vaccinated to dengue fever. So to avoid this fever, the only way to avoid mosquitoes. That’s why the mosquitoes do not get the chance to grow in the neighborhood.

You need to wear clothes completely. The mosquito or drugs must be established when sleeping. Mesh should be placed on windows and doors without mosquito breaking.

Typhoid monsoon
typhoid fever is more visible. Spread with bacteria called ‘Salmonella Typhy’. It spreads through food and water that is not clean. There are symptoms that appear after three weeks after the bacterial infection. So if you notice a little fever, headache, abdominal pain then immediately get a blood test.

hands should be cleaned often. Before eating, after eating you must clean hands with soap. Keep hand handles on the go.

Drink the water that is hot and heated. When bathing, do not swallow the water even when making a brush.

Vegetables should be washed in warm water. Wash the greens more and more

Eat hot foods that are cooked right away. It is advisable to remove the outer food completely.

Respiratory Problems
Changes in the environment can reduce immunity in the body. Viruses and bacteria spread more easily. That’s why cold and cough are seasoned and then better. That is why the food habits should also be changed with the season.

Precautions are
especially important in this type of vitamin C substances. Avoid cold water and cold substances.

Sufficient sleep is needed. Nutrition should be taken. Need more liquidity as possible. Cold air and water should be kept in the nose.

Eyes and skin infections
often come with eyes and skin infections when the season changes. Due to the moisture in the atmosphere, eyesy eyes, dry eyes and cornea ulcers come into this period. So do not touch the eyes with dirty fingertips. As soon as the symptoms appear, the eyes should be washed with clean water. You should visit the doctor as soon as possible. If the eyes are reddened, itchy, and flame, you may have a doctor’s own medicine. To save the skin .. Better than in the rain. If wet in the rain, take a bath after going home.


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