Notification on July 25 for the replacement of 1,33,494 jobs in Gamma and Ward Ministries!


1,33,494 jobs in Gamma and Ward Ministries!

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to conduct a written test on September 1 for job postings for village and ward ministries. The state government has already decided to hire 1,33,494 new recruits in the same period in the history of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Officials have decided to replace these with full-time government jobs and write-ins. Officials are set to issue a notification on July 25, along with the exam date, qualifications and exam date. Officials of the Panchayati Raj and Urban Development Departments, as well as the top 12 branches of the department meet regularly. Officials estimate that about 20 million people apply for these jobs. Officials estimate that many people who have worked in various government departments on contract and outsourcing so far are applying for jobs in village and ward ministries.

Against this backdrop, there is a discussion among government officials to hold a written examination for two days (also on September 2nd) if necessary. However, the authorities tend to focus on same-day testing. The Written Test is conducted entirely with multiple choice questions. The questionnaire consists of 150 questions of 150 marks, according to the information of the authorities. Of these, 75 marks are general knowledge questions and the remaining 75 are based on the qualifications required for the job.


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