How To Withdraw Money Without The Debit Card In Sbi Atm | Sbi YonO Cash

How To Withdraw Money Without The Debit Card In Sbi Atm | Sbi YonO Cash

How To Withdraw Money Without The Debit Card In Sbi Atm

SBI YONO CASH | The bank account will have money. But the pocket does not have any ATM card. If the money is urgent then the tension is not always the same. Without a card can not draw money. This situation was once. Now you can draw the money without a card. Whether you forget the card anywhere, you can take cash in ATM without the card. How to learn
Are you a State Bank of India Customer? Do you have a State Bank of India account? If you forget the ATM card … even if your card is not available, you can draw money in ATM.
This is a cordless cash withdrawal feature introduced by State Bank of India. You need YONO App for this. If this app is available, 16,500 SBI ATMs can be drawn without any ATM card in the country.

Follow The Steps To Withdraw The Money Through ATM Without Using Your Debit Card

SBI has named the ‘Yono Cash Points’ for ATMs with the service. SBI thinks it can reduce skimming and cloning fraud by drawing money without a card.
Yono App will be able to withdraw the cordless cash via Yono Cash.2-Factor Authentication.
First you need to download YONO app on your smartphone for cordless withdrawal. This app works on Android or iOS smartphones.
After registering in the App you need to click on Request YoNo Cash. Select the account number and enter the amount of cash you want to enter
A six-digit yono cash pin should be set. The SMS number comes with a 6 digit reference number for your registered mobile number. The reference number works only 30 minutes.
If you are near you need to go to the Yono Cash Point. First you need to enter the 6 digit reference number in the SMS. You must enter the Amount entered into the App.
You can draw a 6-digit yano cash pin created in the app and draw the money.
SBI is the first bank to issue cash draws without a card.


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